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Mr. Li Fuquan,President of CMECD and Mr. Zhang Huanjun, Chairman of Shandong Fruit Run Food Co., Ltd., visited the Dala Intention Plot
CMECD 2019-03-03

Myanmar local time: On March 2, 2019, Mr. Li Fuquan, President of China-Myanmar Economic Cooperation and Development Promotion Association, Mr. Zhang Huanjun, Chairman of Shandong Fruit Run Food Co., Ltd and the CMECD member visited the intended plot in Dala Town, accompanied by General U Thint Aung Myint and landowner U Ko Ko Aung.

This inspection, through the communication meeting and the field survey activity unifies the way to carry on the, U Thint Aung Myint, the land owner Mr. U Ko Aung to carry on the scene explanation. President Li listened attentively to the plot indicators, future planning and other details to understand the investment value of the plot.

The promotion plan plans to build a multi-party resource to build a “city-in-city” centering on five-star hotels and integrating five core functions of commercial retail, business office, catering, apartment and residential, and integrated entertainment.

And then, they inspected the bridge site of the Myanmar-Korea Bridge (Dala), which is about to start construction near the project, and took a group photo. After the completion of the bridge, it will greatly improve the business environment in the Dala region and achieve a good vision of livable and suitable.

"Those who are good do not take close proximity; those who have similar idea, aspirations, the distance between the mountains and the sea is not a problem"

We look forward to working side by side with enterprises, non-governmental organizations and elites from all walks of life in China and Myanmar to work together and join together for the economic prosperity, social development and people's well-being of Myanmar and Southeast Asian countries. Make unremitting efforts to further promote economic, cultural and enterprise exchanges, cooperation and development between China and Myanmar!