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Chairman of YaTai International Holding Group visited to CMECD
CMECD 2019-05-15

Myanmar local time:On May 14, 2019, Mr. Li Fuquan, President of the China-Myanmar Economic Cooperation and Development Promotion Association, received  Mr. She Lunkai, Chairman of YaTai International Holding Group, Vice Chairman of the China Federation of Overseas Chinese Business Association, at the Yangon Headquarters. The two sides have conducted extensive exchanges on topics of common interest.

First of all, Mr. Li Fuquan, President of the China-Myanmar Economic Cooperation and Development Promotion Association, extended a warm welcome to Mr. She Lunkai and his delegation. He said that Mr. She Lunkai is an old friend of the CMECD association, and this visit will surely bring new opportunities for cooperation between the two sides. At the same time, President Li introduced Mr. She Lunkai to the history and the vision of the association and the details of upcoming “2019 First China-Myanmar Economic Corridor Investment Summit” such as the Chinese government representatives and Myanmar government representatives and supporting business.

Mr. She Lunkai gave a detailed introduction of the development of the YaTai International Holdings Group: In January 2017, the Myanmar YaTai Shuigougu Special Economic Zone, which was invested and built, is located on the bank of the Meihe River in Kayin state, separated from Thailand Mae Sot. It is adjacent to Thailand's largest land port and Myanmar's second largest customs clearance port, Myawaddy Special Economic Zone. It is an important economic corridor in the construction of the “Belt and Road” and is also the Trans-Asian Railway Inter-Thailand Interchange.

Myanmar YaTai Shuigou Valley Special Economic Zone, with a total planned area of 180,000 mu, with an estimated total investment of 15 billion US dollars. It is planned to have a technology industrial zone, a leisure tourism zone, a national cultural zone, a financial and trade zone, an ecological agriculture zone and a civil airport. It is a comprehensive international city integrating science and technology, entertainment, tourism, culture and agriculture.

During the discussion, Mr. She Lunkei asked for details about the China-Myanmar Economic Corridor Investment Summit and apologized for not being able to attend the summit due to the schedule conflict. He also asked about the time & date of the next summit. In response, President Li said that China-Myanmar Economic Corridor Investment Summit is planned to be held twice a year. Currently, the next investment summit will be held in Mandalay, and then will be held in all regions of Myanmar.

Mr. She Lunkai expressed that he is willing to have the advancement of long-term cooperation with the association and invited the association to host a similar summit in Kayin State, where the YaTai International Holding Groupis based.

Mr. Song Baojiang (General Manager of Dalian Shuangxin Shidai Bioengineering Co., Ltd.), Mr. Qi Yunchang (Chairman of China Liaoning Juli Mechanical Engineering Co., Ltd.), Mr. Zhang Wenju (Secretary General), Mr. Wei Kun (Deputy Secretary General), Mr. Ma Dongli (Executive Director of Yatai International Holdings Group), Mrs. Sun Luo Ni (Secretary of Yatai International Holdings Group ) and Mr. Pu Taishou (Security Consultant) attended the meeting.

After the meeting, Mr. She Lunkai presented Mr. Li Fuquan with a box of Jianghu Moutai, which was customized by YaTai International Holdings Group. After the meeting, the team of Yatai International Holdings Group visited the whole building of the association along with Mr. Li Fuquan and the Deputy Secretary General, Wei Kun and had a lunch.

We look forward to working together with the Chinese and Myanmar enterprises, non-governmental organizations and elites from all walks of life to further promote the economic and cultural development of China and Myanmar for the prosperity of Myanmar, the development of society and the happiness of the people. And we make the unremitting efforts of exchanges, cooperation and development between enterprises!

China-Myanmar Economic Cooperation and Development Promotion Association is waiting for you in the beautiful sky city of Myanmar ---- Yangon!